What kind of fish and animals are present in the lake?

What kind of fish and animals are present in the lake?

Every lake has their own types of life in it, see what's in ours:

  • Fish - The lake is stocked with bluegill, bass, and catfish. Catch and release fishing is allowed. Our lake is subject to all Illinois waterway rules including the requirement to have a fishing license.

  • Turtles - Box turtles can regularly be seen near Weymouth park soaking up the sun on the downed tree or other exposed rocks. Also, there are regular snapping turtle sightings; including reports of a very large one!

  • Birds - There are too many birds to list as the water brings so many. Geese, ducks, heron and other birds can be seen daily! Hawks and Eagles are a little more rare, but have been seen numerous times. Some of the activity is based on migration habits. Next time you are near the lake, see if you can see any of the more rare birds!

  • Frogs - Throughout the summer, bullfrogs can be heard while they search for a mate. They will sit motionless along the edges of the shore until you get too close… then SPLASH! Into the water they will go startling anyone not paying attention!

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